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Enhancing Access to Information and Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making
Danube Regional Project Component 3.4 - Pilot Project


Association of Young Researchers and other similarly-situated environment NGOs in Bor and East Serbia (Zajecar, Negotin), in cooperation with local communities, propose a project with the following goals, activities and expected results in the town Bor. Bor is a mining industrial center in east Serbia, S&?, in which industrial discharges and domestic sewage pollute water currents, river coasts and surroundings. The basic goal of demonstration project in Bor is to strengthen local community capacities for access to information and public participation in the decision making process regarding environment especially waste water management.

The River Danube

Specific goals are:

  1. To identify of all interested stakeholders and form stakeholder group of all interested parties for solving problems of waste waters, gathering and usage of information and participation in decision making about waters, to organize rountable to have a dialogue among the main stakeholders regarding possible ways to improve the ways that citizens are informed and participate in decision making, and ways of information about wastewaters.
  2. To improve the skills and capacity of local authority in collecting and dissemination of information, to form Offices for gathering processing and distribution of information about waters (this goals would be realized based on gained experiences on forming similar offices for LEAP and OEAP and its takeover into the system of municipal bodies at the end of the project itself), to train local authority an other stakeholders.
  3. To strengthen NGOs capacities for access to information and dissemination of information (training NGO members, establish special network of informationresources for exchange of information about waters in the municipality of NGOs and towns carriers of demonstration projects).
  4. To raise the level of public knowledge and awareness about environmental/water pollution problems especially waste water problems (informing public about possibilities to access information regarding waters, forming database about wastewaters and drinking water, develop a method of communication between public and local authorities, forming network informations resources).

Listed goals would be realized through joint efforts of NGOs and local authorities to analyze existing capacity, analysis for access to information and offer improvements, and to secure public participation in decision making.

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