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    The World Bank Country Office for FRY

    Project: A Campaign for LAP-Es:



    Name of organization: Association of Young Researchers (AYR)
    Contact person and title: Dragan Randjelovic, president AYR
    Address: st. Dj. Vajferta 11
    City, Country, Postal Code: Bor, Yugoslavia, 19210
    Telephone: +381 25241
    Email: mibor@ptt.yu ; ekobor@ptt.yu        
    Website: www.etos.co.yu/mibor

          Mission statement:

         Mission statement of the AYR is to motivate young people to perform explorational and educational activities, particularly for the area of environmental protection and areas important for the sustainable development as well as to start solving other issues relevant for young people, among which proper employment is one among the most relevant ones.

         Purpose of funding request and how this activity relates to civic engagement:

    Purpose of finding request is to support activity of AYR of Bor and other organizations, an initiative for the adoption of the LAP-Es (Local Action Plans for Employment).

     The LAP-Es is method for involvement citizens and local authorities, business, NGO and other stakeholders by using the Local Agenda 21 methodology elements: participating approach, community and stakeholder involvement and consensus-building on visions and targets employment.

    Target population and number benefiting from the proposed activity: Target populations are youth and unemployed, members and participants of NGO, particularly in rural areas. The number benefiting is 1865 participants.

    Period this funding request will cover: Jul – December 2002.

    Bor is a town with over 5000 unemployed people and monostructural industry. In the transition process, some 5000 people will be left jobless. That is why AYR Bor will initiate a Local Action Plan for Employment “Better Organize Resources” with the aim to include entire local entities in faster solving of such problems.

    Public meeting - Stakeholder Forum:        100 participants.
    Introducing experts’ 
                                  15 participants.
    of ctivists                                   50 participants
             1000 participants
    Workshops in the villages

    12 villages x 50 participants)  600 participants  
    Final public discussion about the LAP-Es   
    100 participants
    Preparation of logo-type…                       citizens

    Introducing the RTV, newspapers…           citizens

    The proposed activities will provide better consideration of new employment possibilities. There is a need to train unemployed and labor surplus in new areas, primarily in villages, agriculture, tourism, small business, services, but also in other areas of modern technology.

    A campaign “Local Action Plan for Employment: Better Organize Resources” provides the participation of a marginalized group of the unemployed and young in the development activities and decision making in the local community.

    Main goals of this project are:
    -   initiation of adopting the LAP-Es;
    -  education of citizens and stakeholder for accepting the LAP-Es; and
    -  campaign for its proper carrying out.

     Main objectives are:
    Organization of public meeting – stakeholders forum: “The LAP-Es for Bor – Better Organize Resources”;
    -  Inducing experts at the Round table at  traditional expert meetings;
    - An initiative for the adoption of the LAP-ES by the Municipal Assembly of Bor;
    - Preparation of the logo-type, a poster, a radio jingle and TV advertisement;
    - Introducing the regular RTV program and newspaper on employment values;
    - Training for the activists of NGO and other stakeholders.

     This project is ongoing on the part of the AYR organization, especially the part of a general LA21 (Local Agenda 21) to realize  LEAP (Local Environmental  Action Plan) for Bor and surrording areas. This activity will support in the future close link to the development of LEAP.

     What other organizations, if any, will be participating in the activity:

     Labor Market of Bor: An essential pre-condition for LAP-Es are data on the local employment situation. The Labor Market will provide systematic information about their local employment structure and problems. The Labor Market will to include one expert and participants in Round Table, training and interview.
    Association of small business
    : Will include one member in public meeting, training and interview.
    Cooperative society of youth: Will include one member in training and interview.
    Bureau of nature protection of Serbia: Will include one expert in Round Table, training and interview.
    Center for talented youth of Serbia: Will include one experts and participants in Round Table, training and interview.
    Local community: Will include one member in training and interview
    Radio and TV Bor and newspapers: Will support the campaign for LAP-Es of Bor.

    At the end of the campaign period the following will be differed:
    Creating strategies for stakeholder involment;
    - Collecting information on the employment status and potential in respect to the employment situation
    -  Creating strategies for PR  Activities
    - Assessing local employment perspectives
    - Complete a vision for sustainable local employment
    -  Development of Local Action Plan for Employment (LAP-Es)

    The activity’s results will be used by of the City Council, Labor Market, NGO, business, etc. Whole number of Serbia cities’ will now have the chance to be trained to setup LAP-Es on the basis of the LAP-Es Bor.


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